Marketing Triangle

All parts of your business working together

From your business presence to your potential audience segmentation.


Triangle of Marketing

Investing budget and energy in only one part of your business is acceptable but it does not guarantee your success.


Brand Awareness

Your company logo is just a name when you are not working on its projection. What your company projects will determine if a strategy is successful when exposed. Using cognitive biases and analyzing the behavior of people online, we will be able to get a better projection of the company over the competitors.


Social Advertising

Creating marketing strategies and campaigns is easy today with advanced platforms. But the reason why many of them are losing their money is because the platforms reward the agencies that know how to use it. Either the good management of the budget or the manipulation of the algorithms.


Community Management

Our community management includes the constant of publishing quality content on social media. We also take care of updating your online presence. As for example the website of your company as well as on google maps. We use all kinds of strategies from keyword research to SEO on the web and GMB.


Cover your needs

Our competitive prices demonstrate our commitment to your company. Our objective with you will always be a long-term commitment.


$1,299 / month
  • Facebook/Instagram Post (30)
  • Engagement Analysis
  • Facebook Ads (4 Campaigns)
  • Facebook Ads Updates
  • Community Management
  • Messenger analysis


$2,699 $2099 / month
  • Facebook/Instagram Post (30)
  • Facebook Ads (4 Campaigns)
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Maps (GMB)
  • GMB and Google ADS


$1,499 / month
  • Website Development
  • Website Updates (10)
  • SEO for Website and GMB
  • Google Maps (GMB)
  • Google Ads
  • GMB Blog Post (4)

Clients and Partners

Omar handles the marketing for our four furniture stores. Each one with unique branding, marketing, and strategy. We are more than happy with the performance.
Serkan Kos
CEO & Founder Discount Smart
We work in collaboration with 3anglemedia on some of our most important clients. That makes it easier for us to meet the needs of our Hispanic audiences.
Abdullah Muhammed
CEO & Founder American Fornt
We have a Christian Live TV Show. Omar Adapted to all areas that we needed. Video Commercials, flyers, and website. Also, Omar edited our more than 10 shows daily.
Pastor Simon
Pastor at Universal Church

Our Portfolio is Private

The privacy of our customers is a priority at 3anglemedia. We work with small business owners but also businesses that work with large budgets. Our goal will always be to create entry barriers against our clients’ competitors.

Part of our commitment to our clients is also to clean up their image using the community management. It’s very important to maintain a privacy shield for the well-being of our clients’ companies.


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